Thank You All

Since we informed subscribers that all Superform activities would be suspended after racing on Sunday May 4th 2008, we have been overwhelmed and taken aback with all the messages, complimentary remarks, suggestions and best wishes.

Clearly Superform is very highly regarded. Many subscribers have been with us for thirty years or more. A heartfelt thanks to all who contacted us by phone, email and letter. Your messages are very much appreciated.

For the record we have not gone bust - far from it. Subscribers have had any outstanding subscriptions refunded in full and no charges for the internet service were made after April 5th. Our staff have had redundancy, all suppliers have been paid and there is no bank overdraft - we owe nothing!

So why did we decide to stop? There were several reasons. Superform produced a twice weekly printed service, two Annual publications and the internet service. Together these three services contributed to a sound business.

However, subscriber numbers to the weekly printed service and Annuals declined as internet broadband spread into most homes. Royal Mail added to our difficulties. The withdrawal of the the second postal delivery plus the move to an "anytime" single delivery was a disaster for time sensitive publications like Superform. There is no viable alternative letter service to Royal Mail and we were helpless during the latest postal strikes.

Our search for a viable business model which would allow Superform to continue solely on the internet has been unsuccessful. Meanwhile key members of staff received outside job offers which were too good to refuse. Suddenly, after thirty four years of producing Superform, retirement looked an attractive option!

Therefore Superform is not dead, it's merely in suspended animation. If anything changes we will certainly let you know.

Personally I would like to thank all the loyal Superform subscribers, especially those who have been with us since the first Haig Annuals in 1974!

Also I would like to thank all the staff both permanent and freelance, for their hard work over the decades - often over and above the call of duty.

And finally I must thank my wife for her terrific help with Superform over the years. Without her unstinting support it would have been impossible to keep the show on the road!

Good luck and successful punting to you all.

Kevin Gilroy
Publisher, Superform.
Furlong Press High Street Shoreham By Sea West Sussex BN43 5DB